Uncovering The Charms Of Paris: Beyond The Tourist Trails

Curious to see a different side of Paris? An adventure where you’re not surrounded by a bunch of “instagram selfies”. That’s what I was after last summer, and I’ve curtailed a list that would satisfy any traveler. 

When looking for unique things to do in Paris, always keep in mind what makes you happy. If you keep your passions in mind while planning your trip, you’ll take your experience to another level. Take a look at the gems I’ve discovered.

Here are 5 Unique Things to Do in Paris to Unlock Its Charm

Don’t leave Paris without doing at least one unique adventure! My advice is sit down in a quiet area and ask yourself what the ultimate Paris trip is to you.


1) Romantic Night Lights on Fun Electric Bikes

Seeing Paris at night with lights twinkling is something to behold. Throw yourself on an electric bike and you add delightful glee to the moment. Riding around a night lets you blend in like a local, letting you experience a side not everyone takes the time to see.

2) Let a Local Marais Guide Spoil Your Inner Foodie

SoHa is known for its delicious dineries and posh galleries. Let your foodie out as your Marais guide showcases the best this area has to offer. Make sure to pause from eating to check out some of the incredible galleries. 

3) Give Yourself a Fright with a Walking Ghost Tour

For those who love a good scare, Paris has some spooky good ghost tours. We’re talking weird curses, creepy ghouls and sad lost souls. These scary tales are sure to leave your heart pumping. You’ll have a lot to talk about once you get back to your hotel.

4) Sip Wine while Playing Classic French Boules

Game lovers, I’m here for you! I love puzzles and games, and have recently been finding ways to add them into my trips. In Paris the game of Petanque has been around for years. There is an Italian version called “Bocce” which I played growing up. It was new and nostalgic to play the French version while I was there.

5) Learn About the Community Dining with Parisians Hosts

One wonderful way you can get to know the community of Paris is by dining with local Parisian hosts. These delightful people graciously host you in their home while feeding you meals that traditional French families do nightly. It’s a fantastic opportunity to ask questions and get to know what the city is really like.

A Trip to Remember When You Go Off the Beaten Path

Now, you may not be sold on this exact list, but at least I got your mind thinking about unique things to do in Paris. You can plan a trip that will leave your heart full of joy and a treasure chest full of gems. I really recommend you take the time. Don’t get stuck waiting in a long line of selfies, make sure you spend a few days on a true adventure. 

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