Vidnoz Face Swapper: Swap Your Faces In Photos & Videos For Free

Do you want to make a surprise of your face during online video calling with your family or friends? That will make you look exaggerated or give a fun twist to the face in your video. Then you can try the Vidnoz Face Swapper tool. Additionally, you may quickly swap the faces in pictures of your friends, family, wedding, and graduation here. Thus, you can simply replicate the pleasing digital face switch on group images by using the Vidnoz Face Swapper application right now.

What is Vidnoz Face Swapper?

Vidnoz Face Swap is an AI face swapper that is free to use. You may snap hilarious photos with no restrictions and switch up your appearance every day. On a PC or smartphone, you can change your face anywhere. A free online face-swapping application that functions well on PCs and mobile devices is Vidnoz Face Swap. Face swaps using Vidnoz AI may be accomplished quickly and without the need for picture editing expertise. The outcomes of this face exchange are perfect.

How to Use Vidnoz Face Swapper

Vidnoz Face Swap Free Tool makes it simple to swap faces in web images/videos in just three easy steps.

  1. Upload a picture/video where the base image has a face.
  2. Provide a different picture/video that has a face as the target image.
  3. To begin face switching, click the “Swap Face Now” button. Use the contrast or zoom-in options to examine the outcomes.

Make captivating videos/photos in no time at all with Vidnoz’s 800+ AI avatars and 900+ video templates available in various types and accents! Vidnoz AI alters faces in images and videos as it is an AI Photo face swap and an AI Video Face Swap. however, there are common formats including JPG, PNG, GIF, and MP4 are supported.

Benefits of the Face Swapper Tool

Do you intend to utilize the Vidnoz Face Swapper software for many projects? Then, you have some good news! The following are some benefits of utilizing this face-swapping app: Discover how simple and adaptable it is to work with.

  • This enables upscaling and high-resolution face-switching.
  • It provides smooth and efficient CPU performance.
  • Vidnoz Face Swapper works with both the 1.5 and SDXL variants.
  • It makes age and gender detection automated.
  • Uncensored content cannot be converted by the program.
  • The program is being updated and improved all the time.

Features of Vidnoz Face Swapper

Vidnoz Face Swap works as a single photo face swap, multiple photo face swap, and video face swap. However, there are six features in this application, these are:

  1. GIF Face Swap
  2. Video Face Swap
  3. Multiple Face Swap
  4. Celebrity Face Swap
  5. Meme Face Swap
  6. Character Face Swap

Change Faces Daily And Create Funny Photos Freely

Vidnoz Face Swapper offers a free version that provides basic face-swapping functionality. However, it is worth noting that watermarks created using the free version will remain. For watermark-free and more advanced features, you need to opt for their premium packages. But we inform you that no other online application can provide the service they provide for free.


With Vidnoz Face Swapper you can swap your face anytime, anywhere. We recommend you, use it today because we have already told you that it gives you accurate results. So, why are you late? Use this app to have a fun time with friends, family, or office colleagues.

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